‘Game of Thrones’ season 6, episode 3 review: Rickon Stark faces Ramsay Bolton, Jon Snow leaves Castle Black

Game of ThronesWe have been shouting it from the rooftops ever since last week’s episode of “Game of Thrones” ended – Jon Snow is back! Melisandre found a way to regain her faith in the Lord of Light after thinking herself to be a fraud and actually brought Jon back from the dead, the only thing is… she doesn’t know that it worked yet! We can’t wait to see the look on her face when she sees Jon walking around thanks to her magical touch and hopefully she will have her faith restored.

Jon Snow: He’s back and Davos and Melisandre are trying to help him deal with the fact that he was dead. He says he remembers everything from when he died and everyone who was involved (that can’t be good for those men). Melisandre tells him that Stannis was not the prince that was promised to rule the kingdoms, instead she seems to think that it might be Jon. When Jon walks outside and sees the Night’s Watch standing with Wildlings, he knows that he’s done some good after all. Jon executes the men that stabbed him including Alister and Olly and once he is done, he tells the men that “his watch has ended” and he leaves Castle Black… of course he doesn’t know that Sansa is on her way to find him there.

Daenerys: She has been brought to the place where all the other widows of Khal’s live out their days. She is stripped of everything she has and is waiting to learn her fate – will she be accepted to live out her days there, or will she be rejected for not coming immediately after Drogo’s death? We haven’t been that excited about her story for the past few seasons, but at least this season she isn’t wandering around freeing slaves since that was getting a bit tired.

Kings Landing: Jamie wants the Mountain to crush the High Sparrow, but Cersei has sent all of Varys little birds out to gather information first and eventually she feels that there will be a trial of champions to put an end to the Sparrows once and for all. Olenna is trying to run the kingdom while Margaery is in jail, but Jamie, and Cersei are trying to make themselves part of the small council without much luck. Tommen is tries to take back the kingdom and get the high sparrow to allow Cersei to see her daughter’s grave, but he is told that Cersei has not atoned for her sins fully. As the high sparrow talks to him, we see just how influenced by him Tommen really is.

Other tidbits: Bran is having more visions of his father as a young man (learning that his dad embellished a few stories), Sam is off on a journey to become a Maester so he can aid Jon Snow, Varys finds out who’s funding the Sons of the Harpy and as Arya continues to being trained and is given back her sight. The biggest moment was seeing Rickon Stark being brought to Ramsay Bolton (like the Starks haven’t suffered enough on this show).

The first two episodes this season were a bit lackluster for us, but this episode sucked us back into this beautiful and tragic world. We are especially interested in the Rickon Stark storyline as it has the most potential to be thoroughly entertaining! The Starks have never had much luck in this world, but if anyone’s going to get revenge on Ramsay we want it to be a Stark. Episode grade: A-

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