‘Big Brother Canada 4’ review: The brothers yell; also, can Kelsey really win?

Kelsey -We’re not going to pretend that there was any new or relevant information in Sunday night’s new episode of “Big Brother Canada.” After all, a good third of the show tonight was really spent rehashing stuff from the double eviction; from there, another five minutes or so was spent watching Nick and Phil yell.

The biggest takeaway that we got from tonight’s episode is that while the brothers have at times played well, they’ve also made so many mistakes the past two weeks that we’re not sure they win the game against anyone left. We know that the sentiment among the jury is that they’re not nearly as good of players as they think that they are, and they don’t manage people well on their way out the door. Going to Cassandra in the way in which they do is not really the way to combat her, since basically they’re just making themselves look even more unlikable. The only reason Kelsey didn’t nominate them is because they’re the closest thing to an ally she has left.

We do want to spend a minute on her since the show gave her this odd package, shooting pool, listening to her explain her strategy, and making us wonder whether or not she could actually win the game in the end. Even though she’s been evicted once before, she would probably beat the brothers. She’s got Jared and Raul on her side already, and we don’t see either Cassandra or Tim voting for her. Maybe she’d even get Mitch, who could respect that she worked hard to get him out over two guys who had an inflated sense of self.

This episode had some filler in it, but more than anything it reminded us of how much we liked the freakshow / “threekshow,” and how much of a bummer it is that Tim, Cassandra, and Joel’s time working together is coming to a close. Grade: B-.

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