‘Ink Master’ exclusive: Jime Litwalk on calling out judges, competition, and more

Going into this season of “Ink Master,” Jime Litwalk was someone who felt like a serious contender. Just look at his resume, and the quality of work he did on season 3 to see just how talented Jime is. Yet, for some reason or another, he just couldn’t get into a groove with the judges this season and was eliminated during a Face-Off against Cleen Rock One after he was placed into the bottom two for the first challenge of the night.

We spoke with Jime via email this week about his experience this time around, the returning veteran twist, and some other challenges that come with being a part of “Ink Master”.

CarterMatt – How did you feel about the double elimination face off challenge?

Jime Litwalk – I don’t feel that I should [have] been there on the bottom with that challenge, but felt something was funny the whole time I was there. I don’t feel I did the [worst] tattoos, and felt there were other artists that should and could have easily taken my place at the bottom. On the last challenge I called out the judges, and not as judges but as tattooers on their call as mine was tied as the bottom.

Did you find it more difficult on season 3 as a newbie or coming back as a veteran?

Both had there difficulties and one thing that the show is designed and set up for is that it will never be what you think it is, so the 4 times I have been on the show has always [gone] a way that I would not have expected.

What was your favorite “Ink Master” challenge from either season?

The best challenge, I would say, is that I had the privilege of experiencing [would of been] the dog tag challenge from season 3, it was a difficult one but an honor to be apart of it.

What did you think of the twist this year of having a new veteran coming in every week?

It was interesting, the show is always coming up with a new story line, very interesting, and cool that I had a chance to work with other artists from other seasons.

There were a few alliances in the game this year: Did you find it helpful to not be part of an alliance?

To be honest, I had no idea of the alliances until I [had] seen the show air.

If clients want to book you for a tattoo, what’s the best way for them to do that?

I can be found at Ascension Tattoo 832 N. Mills Ave Orlando Florida 32803

(You can also look up Jime at Ascensiontattoo.com, or on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.)

We want to thank Jime for talking with us as we know he is really busy with his work. He has been one of our favorites through out the seasons of “Ink Master” and it was a thrill to see him back on the show.

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