‘Faking It’ season 3, episode 7 review: Sabrina versus Karma

Faking It -Tuesday night’s new episode of “Faking It” can be attributed otherwise as “the girl who cried wolf.” Karma is a character who, at times, has admitted to liking the attention she gets from Amy. She may not claim to have feelings for her romantically, but she likes being the most important friend that she has. She doesn’t want to see that change. Therefore, whether it was Reagan, Felix, or now Sabrina, Karma gets freaked out when another person gets close to Amy.

Therefore, it is no surprise at all to see Karma freak about the arrival of Sabrina to Hester High and beyond Tuesday. She is someone who has never been a big Karma fan, but she cannot seem to convince Amy that she’s telling the truth; then, when Sabrina did ultimately come clean about her manipulations, Karma didn’t want to be petty and decided not to tell Amy about it. Bad move? It seems that way, since Sabrina’s now being super-manipulative on another level by telling Amy about having “feelings” for women that may or may not be there.

There’s no real way that this can end well; the only thing that it might do is cause Karma to start to realize that there could be something more there between her and her best friend than she would otherwise want to admit.

Elsewhere, Shane’s new love interest Noah finally became just that, and Lauren opted to let Liam stay after a disastrous games night that was shock full of Karma / Sabrina tension. Seeing Liam act completely subservient to Lauren was probably the best part of the episode; we really like this lost, confused side of the character, and really hope it sticks around a while. Episode Grade: B.

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