‘Beyond the Tank’ preview: Pipcorn, Pittmoss, and Pursecase

Apparently, Tuesday night’s new episode of “Beyond the Tank” is really going to be a great opportunity to see the three Ps in action: Pittmoss, Pipcorn, and Pursecase! We don’t know who decided to put these segments into a single episode, but it’s pretty funny. Also, it’s nice from the point of view of variety, since we’re not quite sure that they really have anything at all in common other than what we’ve already said.

ABC has already released a lengthy synopsis detailing what some of these products will be going through of the course of this episode. Check it out below:

“After Barbara Corcoran made a deal in season six with siblings Jeff Martin and Jen Martin, they grew Pipcorn, their organic mini-popcorn business, into a multimillion-dollar company. But with factory space at a premium and shipping/manufacturing issues, these New Yorkers hope Barbara can help them solve their current dilemmas.

“One of the two entrepreneurs who made a deal with Pursecase in season five with Lori Greiner bowed out. Now, solo partner Kelley Weaver from Santa Monica, California needs Lori’s help to get focused again with the product, a stylish smartphone hard case that resembles a clutch.

“Mark Cuban made a deal in season six with Mont Handley from Ambridge, Pennsylvania for Pittmoss, an organic alternative to peat moss. Since the product is not yet available for the consumer market, Mont hopes Mark can give him tips on how to make a meeting with an international plant brand go smoothly.”

The sneak peek below for Tuesday’s episode specifically highlights what is going on with Pittmoss, which is at a key crossroads mostly because demand is starting to go beyond the current reach of production. It’s a problem that many businesses do run into after the Tank, since they have to have a ton of product available and really just anticipate whatever they suspect that the demand is ultimately going to be. We’d say that this is in the end an easier-said-than-done sort of situation.

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