MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 5, episode 18 review: Is it too late now to say sorry?

Awkward -There have been so many fights between Jenna and Matty on “Awkward” over the years that have come across as petty, silly, and then some. They’ve been easy not to pay too much attention to. However, we don’t know how exactly she comes back from what we saw on Tuesday night’s new episode. We’re coming off of what may be one of the biggest betrayals that we’ve ever seen anyone on this show do, and if we were Matty, we’d certainly understand why he never wanted to talk to her again.

We understand that from the point of view of Jenna, what she did was probably not inherently bad. After all, all she had done in her mind was publish an IdeaBin piece about her relationship with Matty that was thinly-disguised, and not personal enough to embarrass her. Unfortunately, she lacked the empathy to think from his vantage point. She never asked how the breakup impacted him, or if he wanted any details about their relationship out there. When the piece was published, and when the headline was changed, he was furious and embarrassed. Basically, the world knew him as a loser while Jenna started to lose followers.

These scenes between the two at the episode’s end were legitimately heartbreaking to watch, and not in the repetitive way that we’ve seen from characters on this show before through five seasons. We really don’t know where they go from here and how Jenna can win him back, easily as a friend.

Speaking of falling outs, this episode also brought us to the end of the always-entertaining Jake and Lissa, after she realized that Jake actually wanted to go back to the country club rather than aiming higher and wanting to pursue other ventures. Meanwhile, Sadie and Sergio went back and forth on their future, which was probably entertaining for about a minute and that was it. The episode’s big flaw is mostly the way that Luke is being written right now. We never imagined him as the sort to really care about the sort of stuff that IdeaBin seems to cherish, so to see him celebrating her piece about her ex was slightly out of character. Otherwise, we’d say this was a strong, albeit sad, installment for the show. Episode Grade: B.

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