‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 7, episode 19 review: Stefan and Caroline meet again (sort of)

tvd -On Friday night’s new episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” there were many major events that we ultimately saw took place. Yet, at the same time it was a smaller meeting between Caroline and Stefan, one where they didn’t even speak to each other, that will probably get the attention of the vast majority of fans out there.

Yet, how about that look? We gotta admit that there was some passion there! At the same time, we also heard about heartache when we heard the story about what exactly Caroline has been through over the course of the past few years.

There were plenty of other moments in this episode, meanwhile, that we would describe as pretty darn depressing. One of them is seeing Alaric continue to be so detached from the other characters, and the other was seeing some of them so at odds during Rayna’s little operation-of-sorts to do her dirty work in return for helping Bonnie. We have to say that we were expecting Rayna’s story to go in a different direction, and we’re not enjoying it quite like we thought we would.

As for Bonnie and Enzo, should we say that we’re actually enjoying it more than we thought we would? It’s surprising, but this is the place that we find ourselves in at the moment coming out of this episode. The flashbacks made us feel a little less like she was just a victim of Stockholm Syndrome … but the show still needs to win us over throughout the rest of the season so that this works. Grade: B-.

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