‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’ episode 10 review: Tai’s game-changing debate

Tai -

Dan Foley. Stephen Fishbach. These are two “Survivor” players who really have very little in common beyond of course one thing: An advantage. They found them in the game, and they were eventually voted out because of their “threat” status.

The moment that Tai got the advantage on this episode, we knew that he would be a target. As a matter of fact, many of the women even made it clear that they were going after him. He was also starting to bond more with Aubry, who wanted to ensure that Scot was gone from the game. Tai in this episode actually went from the threat to the guy with all of the power in terms of the vote. He could get rid of Aubry, or defect from the guys in order to ensure that Scot went home. He still has his immunity idol, and he could use that at some point in the future.

The biggest mistake that Scot and Jason made going into the vote was minimizing Tai’s importance as a decision-maker. If they had allowed him to have more power, maybe there would have been so much uncertainty going into the vote. Given that Scot and Jason did tell Julia that they are planning to get rid of him down the road, we had even more evidence that he should defect on them eventually, anyway. Had he gone to the end with them, what sort of claim to the game would he have¬†other than being likable? You cannot project what the jury is voting on.

Scot went home in the end because Tai refused to play his idol on him, and with that, we now have a ball game! Excellent play tonight by Aubry, who’s shaping up to be a huge winner threat this season. While we do think that Tai now has an extremely rough road ahead, he needed to split up Scot and Jason eventually if neither one of them wanted him at the end of the game, anyway. He may be facing an uphill battle regardless unless he wins immunity the rest of the way.

Another thing to remember here is that Scot ultimately left with Jason’s idol. That has to sting even more.

As a whole, this episode was once again entertaining, and while there have been predictable boots at times this season, it’s certainly been the most compelling one with all-new players since “Cagayan.”¬†Episode Grade: A.

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