‘Ink Master’ season 7, episode 8 review: Did Christian, Cleen Rock One send Sausage packing?

SausageThroughout most of his time in the competition on “Ink Master” this season, Sausage has been head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. He’s won many challenges, rarely been in danger, and has done that despite being a target on a few occasions.

Unfortunately, here’s the downside when you’ve been this good: You get people coming for you and often. After Cleen Rock One and Christian Buckingham won the Flash Challenge tonight themed all around pinning things to a billboard (seriously), they totally screwed him over for a challenge all about traditional Japanese dragons.Not only did he have a rib tattoo, but it was of a guy who just lost a ton of weight and skin that was incredibly difficult to work with.

In going back to the skull pick for a minute, why in the world did Cleen and Christian even bother with James Vaughn given that this was his specialty? We would’ve went after Jesse or another veteran tonight who they could really take down. We knew that Christian wouldn’t screw over Anthony, and both he and Cleen could agree on helping Megan Jean.

In the bottom at the end of all of this was Jime Litwalk, Sausage, Megan Jean Morris, and Matti Hixson. The human canvas jury targeted Sausage, as well, but at least he had the support of his artist … right? Luckily for him, we really don’t think the human canvas jury matters that much. Megan Jean was the person eliminated at the end because of what we guess to be anatomy problems, and honestly, we’re not sure we agree with the choice. We’re a Sausage fan, but we feel like hers was a little more legible … and isn’t that the main point this week?

This episode will probably be defined mostly by a hardcore challenge that was all about tradition, and it screwed over virtually everyone. It just screwed over Megan the most in the end. Episode Grade: B-.

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