NBC’s ‘The Voice’ rankings: Alisan Porter, Adam Wakefield, Nick Hagelin lead entering top 12

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On Monday, “The Voice” is going to do something that it has not really done at any point in the season until now: Pit the remaining artists all against each other! This sets the stage for a vocal battle of the ages quite like we have not seen to date, where the public will get to determine entirely the artists who make it through to the next round.

With that, we’re coming back with our full rankings for the top 12, based on the following criteria: Performance quality, iTunes sales, edit, and of course past voting history for similar artists. At the bottom we’ve got a poll where you can vote for your own favorite.

12. Paxton Ingram (Blake) – We may have overrated Paxton in our head going into the live shows, given that we really thought America would love him. However, he made nary a blip on the iTunes chart compared to other people, and he needed help from his coach to stick around.

11. Emily Keener (Pharrell) – This pains us to have her this low, since we really love her voice and the way that she sings. Unfortunately, female artists do at times get swallowed up by the edit and are forgotten by viewers. If she performs early in the show once more, she could be in trouble.

10. Shalyah Fearing (Adam) – Are we underrating someone who had a very good week on iTunes? Maybe, but we need to hear her sing something a little more unpredictable than Beyonce’s overdone “Listen” before we start to see her as a real contender.

9. Daniel Passino (Pharrell) – We think that he still has something to prove, but we cannot ignore viewers who decided to put him into the top 12 without help from his coach. Also, we cannot ignore that singers of his type do tend to last a while.

8. Owen Danoff (Adam) – We really like Owen and feel like’s capable of being a big player this season. Yet, we cannot ignore that viewers just didn’t connect to him in the way that they did some other artists since he needed help from his coach to advance. We’ll just have to see if the ranking rises after this coming episode!

7. Mary Sarah (Blake) – While we didn’t think that Mary was perfect on this past episode, she was saved without help from her coach, and she is definitely the sort of artist with appeal to Blake’s base, and the potential to perform something that is stronger than anything we’ve heard from her so far.

6. Hannah Huston (Pharrell) – If we were talking about the best pure singer in the competition, we’d say that Hannah is right up there with Alisan this season. Our main question regarding her this season is if she’s going to get the attention she deserves from viewers, since she’s rather quiet when she is not performing.

5. Bryan Bautista (Christina) – Maybe it’s a mistake to rank someone this high who needed help from their coach to stick around, but we just cannot imagine him going anywhere this coming week after his excellent take on “Pillowtalk.” We just think Bryan had some bad luck with his fellow team members this past week.

4. Laith Al-Saadi (Adam) – Probably the biggest sleeper in the entire field this year. He represents a different generation than the other contestants, and it may be easy to forget about the older viewers who check out this show every week. They may relate to Laith, who’s a great singer who performs music these viewers love.

3. Nick Hagelin (Christina) – Given that he was a Coach Comeback artist, it was a shock to see him generate some great iTunes sales right away and also make it into the top 12 without his coach’s help. With his growl and his charisma on stage, we think that he’s got a pretty solid shot at making it pretty deep into the season.

2. Adam Wakefield (Blake) – If there is someone out there who could keep Porter from being a sure thing to win this whole competition, it’s almost surely going to be Adam. He is someone from a team who often over-performs on this show thanks to country voters, and he’s a legitimately great performer with some similarities to a guy who is extremely popular right now in Chris Stapleton.

1. Alisan Porter (Christina) – We have a hard time picturing any contestant ranking on the internet right now who has Alisan anywhere other than #1. She’s the strongest singer on the toughest team, has a huge social-media base, sold well on iTunes, and has received a great edit so far this season. We have a hard time picturing anyone else being as much of a lock as she is to go far.

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