‘The Amazing Race 28’ episode 8 review: Taking a dive in Dubai

Bernie -The Amazing Race” typically does great legs in Dubai. We know that it is a place that has been visited many times before, but there’s still something fun about the variety that we get here … especially with camels!

The first thing that was refreshing about this episode was that for the first time in what seemed like forever, teams were really driving themselves around, which was great because it gave us SO much more drama. Take, for example, Sheri & Cole getting lost at almost every turn, or Dana & Matt finally returning to their status as the fighting couple from earlier this season.

Also, we had the return of the Most Dramatic Water Slide ever, otherwise known as the one that Mika & Canaan lost the race on so many years ago because she was too afraid to do it. It was slightly less dramatic this time around, which was mostly funny because of the fact that it was actually much more terrifying this time. The same goes for swimming with sharks. In terms of the tasks this week, there were really very few clear misses, though we suppose that you could try to argue that the Detour option where you hauled a camel across the desert was a little boring. Trying to race the creatures on bicycle was much more exciting, but we have zero clue why anyone thought that this would be easy. We’d never pick this in a millions years.

In terms of results, we had another edition of the “so close but yet so far” show with Burnie & Ashley, who finished in second probably because they didn’t pick their best Detour right away. Then again, who knows? Maybe Brodie & Kurt would have used the Express Pass earlier than they did if they realized there was competition, and the result would have been the same. It was hard to tell, but the Frisbee guys were #1 once again to Team Rooster Teeth’s #2.

The end of the episode really tried to make it look like there was at least some competition between Dana & Matt, who had a massive meltdown to the point where she didn’t really want to do anything with the Race anymore, and the perpetually-lost Sheri & Cole. The thing you have to remember here is that Dana getting out of her car and refusing to get back in may have lasted all of two minutes, whereas the mother / son team got so lost where they didn’t really see other teams. Getting massively lost is always worse than getting in a fight.

Dana & Matt are still around; meanwhile, the other team is gone. The dancers will probably get it together, but as much as we enjoyed this leg, we could see this outcome coming a mile away. What we didn’t expect was that there was a non-elimination leg. Sheri & Cole are still there! We’re just not sure how much longer they can hang with a Speed Bump in mind. Episode Grade: B.

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