‘Empire’ season 2, episode 13 review: Hakeem’s not-so-modest proposal

Hakeem -If there ever was a stretch of episodes on “Empire” that really put the onus on the character of Hakeem, it may be fair to say that we are swimming in it right now! Wednesday night’s new episode was another big showcase for this character, who has ambition for days, but really no fortitude to actually sit down and think about what he is doing the vast majority of the time. That’s why he is all over the place as CEO, and also probably why he proposed to Laura.

This proposal to us was notable for two different reasons: The size of that ring (out of this world), and then also the slim-to-none likelihood of these two actually making it to the altar. Couples can make it work after only knowing each other a short period of time, but it does not feel like these two constitute that couple in the slightest. All of this was incredibly entertaining, almost enough to make up for the disaster we saw last week. It was almost better the show pretended like Camilla and Mimi were never on the show; it helped us to forget about it.

Really, the stuff all across the board tonight was super-compelling in its own way, with the latest between Andre, Rhonda, and Lucious being up there as the latter finally revealed the truth about his mother’s suicide. It further informs who he is, and the same goes for his refusal to actually deal with it. Instead, he took out his rage on Andre, was completely unsympathetic with him over being bipolar, and Rhonda’s now off to stay with Anika, which is the most terrible thing she could do given the possibility that she’s the one who pushed her down the stairs.

Meanwhile, Lucious’ music video is getting closer to being a smash hit, but in a very interesting twist there are more and more links thanks to Jamal’s newest collaboration between himself and Frank Gathers, the drug lord Lucious had killed in prison. As it turns out, he’s working with his daughter Freda!

Who would’ve thought “Empire” would go from the outhouse to the penthouse so quickly? After a messy episode, we’re now back to the show being the gold standard. Grade: A-.

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