‘Faking It’ season 3, episode 6 preview: Will Halloween mark new opportunities for Amy, Karma?

We do wonder sometimes whether or not the “Faking It” writers / producers knew when their episodes were going to air when they are being made; after all, doesn’t it seem slightly odd to anyone else that we are getting a Halloween themed episode right in the middle of the spring? Maybe they just work for the sake of the story, and don’t really care when it ends up airing.

What we do know for certain is that we have several relationships now at a crossroads. Liam has determined that he no longer thinks he is capable of being with someone after things with Rachel crumbled so quickly, and Amy has to work to repair her relationship with Lauren. A Halloween party coming up could serve as a nice distraction, but at the same exact time, we also wouldn’t be surprised if it led to some more drama. That’s what tends to happen when everyone gets in one place.

For some more scoop, take a look at the short synopsis below (via TV Guide):

“Amy and Karma try to use a Halloween party as an opportunity to move on; and Shane is suspicious of Liam.”

What is Shane suspicious of? While it’s hard to say, an easy answer here could be that maybe he is starting to fall into a Karma trap again. After all, any time that we do end up seeing Liam make some sort of grand proclamation that he is going to be single again, she finds a way to swoop back into his heart and command the majority of the attention.

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