‘Faking It’ season 3, episode 5 review: Amy, Lauren’s disastrous ‘parent trap’

Faking It -One week ago on “Faking It,” we had a very dramatic ending to an episode where Karma’s father suffered a heart attack; as a result of that, she and Amy repaired what was in many ways a severed friendship.

After that health scare, almost everything was back to normal on Tuesday night’s new episode. In order to make things better, Karma’s parents admitted to her that part of the reason for his heart attack was because they were keeping a secret: They were polyamorous. Therefore, they had a new girlfriend in their lives in Diane that they wanted Karma to meet! This was completely over-the-top and weird, but at the same time funny. This is a show that loves to have everyone “celebrate their truth,” and we can’t fault them for doing theirs. However, they gotta know that a little bit of restraint is important, right? Karma was just acting like she was okay because of the heart attack and fears that she would end up making it worse.

Eventually, she did come clean to them … not that it mattered. They’re still going to see Diane, but they’ll operate under slightly different parameters.

Now, we move to the Amy / Lauren story, where the two thought it would be a great idea to get their parents back together a la “The Parent Trap.” They came up with this grand idea, but when Amy dropped the ball in order to be there for Karma, it all went to pieces. As a result, the same could go for this friendship, since Lauren’s furious over how this hurt their parents and wants to move out.

Finally, the oddest (somehow) and funniest story came tonight with Liam visiting his Rabbi in order to have dinner, but learning in the process that he was his new potential girlfriend Rachel’s father. The two slept together thinking that they had her father’s blessing, but he had only assumed that Liam and Shane were in a relationship. The premise was a little played out, but the performance was funny and the icing on the cake for a funny, if albeit somewhat light on content, episode. Grade: B.

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