‘Law & Order: SVU’ season 17 spoilers: When are Carisi’s Bar results coming in?

Law & Order: SVU logoFor anyone out there who follows “Law & Order: SVU” regularly, you know that one of the major stories taking place on the show has of late has revolved around Peter Scanavino’s character of Carisi and his career ambitions. Is he really focused more on the law or the order side of the equation? It’s an interesting question, but for the time being we at least know that he has taken the Bar exam to figure out what his future holds.

Ultimately, you should be aware of the fact that the show has not forgotten about this particular storyline, and it is something that they will be getting to in due time this season. In speaking about it further to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Warren Leight passed along the following message:

“It takes months to get your results … We can look to that sometime in May to find out about that.”

Granted, it’s not even like you could get an answer before this on the subject if you really even wanted to, given that the series is not going to be returning to the air with new episodes until you get around to Wednesday, May 4. At that point, rest assured that there are going to be new episodes that end up airing the rest of the way until we make it to the end of the season.

Ultimately, we plan on having much more news on the future of “SVU” as we get a little bit closer to that date; we’re just so far out at the moment that there is really not too much in the way of information really available.

(Photo: NBC.)

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