‘The Real World: Go Big or Go Home’ episode 4 review: Jenna versus the house

Jenna -Ever since the beginning of “The Real World: Go Big or Go Home,” it has been fairly clear that Jenna is on the outside looking in when it comes to the house social structures. However, that’s not exactly because anyone else has been rude to her.

Rather, Jenna has given us certain vibes of a contestant from “Big Brother 15” who we would rather not name here; she says offensive things, and then when someone confronts her on it, she claims that she is just joking around and because she’s from the South, nobody else understands (even though Ceejay is). She doesn’t seem altogether interested in listening to what the other housemates have to say, and it probably doesn’t help that she can call people back home who agree with her 100%.

Through our limited perception of seeing her on TV, Jenna strikes us as the world of person who derives much of her identity from her location and her culture, and what that means to her. Why does being “Southern” mean that you have to “mess around,” or threaten to beat someone up (like we saw in the preview)? Why ascribe those things to who you really are? Defensive would be one of the best words to describe her behavior, or at least other than the appalling comments she’s made. Those largely speak for themselves.

Probably the most bizarre thing about this season right now is watching Dean try to “train” her to be a better person, even though it seems just as much motivated by his desire to sleep with her. Okay, Dean. The funniest thing is that these people had a chance to get rid of her!

Ultimately, this story is more depressing than compelling, mostly because we know these sort of people are out there, and we’re not sure that a story about her leaking online concerning these comments is going to change much of anything at all. Also depressing? The other story about Dione being a complete jerk and getting really drunk. Other than Chris and Ceejai, we’re not feeling too many cast members as characters this season. Several of them are just too unlikable or too one-dimensional for our taste. Jenna … well, we’ve talked about her enough already. Episode Grade: B-.

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