‘Faking It’ season 3, episode 4 preview: Meet Noah

With Tuesday night’s new episode of “Faking It” quickly approaching, we’re getting a chance to see someone new enter the mix of the show … though whether or not they are a major player coming up or a flash in the pan remains to be seen.

For the time being, what we can say is this: His name is Noah, and he appears to be a musician performing against Shane and Karma, who are distracting themselves from many of their recent issues by getting into music. At first, it seems as though there are some serious romantic sparks flying between Noah and Shane, and that of course leads to the following question being raised: Is this genuine, or is there something sinister behind Noah hitting on him?

By the end of the sneak peek, we’re a little more inclined to go with the latter based on one simple thing: Competition. It feels as though Noah wants to win some sort of contest with his act Noah’s Arc, and in telling Shane that he should be in the front over Karma, maybe this causes some dissension in the ranks. Noah probably is not aware that Karma and Shane are as combustible as they are, so we’ll just go ahead and consider that a happy accident more so than anything else.

By the end of this episode, hopefully we’ll have some answers. If this is a new love interest for Shane, it has to end better than things did with Duke last season.

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