‘Better Call Saul’ season 2, episode 8 video: Mike as babysitter

Better Call Saul season 2There’s yet another new episode of “Better Call Saul” coming to AMC on Monday night, and for this one, you’re going to have a chance to see Mike in a role that is rather heartwarming for him: Babysitter. It’s moments like these that help you better forget that this is also a rather cutthroat guy who is not afraid to resort to violence for his own self-interest.

This sneak peek below is by and large all about Jonathan Banks’ working with Kaylee on a project, only for her mother to show up and retriever her. It’s a nice testament to the relationship that Mike ultimately has with both women, and the sense of trust that is here at this time.

Are there still questions? Probably, since Mike has those shady airs about him, and we’re probably never going to quite let it go that Kaylee’s age seems to never clearly be established on this show in relation to “Breaking Bad.”

The good news here is that Mike seems to have found a project for him and Kaylee to work on that does not require the two parties to be outside, which is very much a good thing regarding what we saw recently. While Mike cleaning the hose may be subtle, the cinematography around it gives you a reminder that this is a man who does still have some serious cleaning up to do in regards to Hector, the cousins, and really the entire family. Hopefully, we’ll get a further sense as to his next move in this episode.

(Photo: AMC.)

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