Finale Forecast: How should ‘Supergirl’ season 1 end for Melissa Benoist, cast?

We’re back today with our second entry in our Finale Forecast series, which is for the most part all about trying to figure out how some of our favorite shows across all of TV at present are going to end. What better show to focus on next than “Supergirl,” given that come April 18, the entire first season will be over? There are only 20 episodes in this season, and for whatever reason CBS decided that they did not want to delay pushing some of these stories onto the air. We’re not going to complain over that, even if it means a potentially-longer hiatus before season 2, provided of course that we have a season 2. That’s not confirmed yet.

We already have some inclination as to where the story is going this season, but is it wrapping up in the right way? Let’s examine further.

How it could end – The likely conclusion, given where we are now with Non (Chris Vance) activating Myriad with Indigo (Laura Vandervoort) at his side, is that for Kara (Melissa Benoist) and the rest of her team will have to fight to the finish to ensure that National City’s citizens do not fall victim to his control. The problem here is that both Winn (Jeremy Jordan) and James (Mehcad Brooks) could find themselves victims to hypnotism, which means in turn that Hank Henshaw (David Harewood) may be one of Kara’s only resources. She has to figure out a way to stop him, while at the same time also figuring out where her relationship with James truly stands after making a real move on him.

How it should end – The sooner Non is out of the equation, the better. While Astra had a significant family connection, Non is a little disconnected as a villain. He’s certainly scary, but he holds nothing on either Zoom on “The Flash” or Damien Darhk on “Arrow” when it comes to being either super-creepy or super-charismatic. Indigo is a little more fun just in terms of what she’s capable of, but we’d suggest ending these stories and establishing a cliffhanger that could bring in a completely new villain for season 2. There are still a ton of villains out there, and we’d like to see someone who is 100% evil almost in a Zoom vein this time around.

As for romance, why not go ahead and just have Kara and James together? We were more of a Winn ‘shipper with her in the early going, but we’ve come around on it somewhat and think that, either way, the main function of this romance is seeing how someone like Kara handles being in a relationship. Putting them together means there are more stakes to the missions, she has someone to further protect, and also there’s a great possibility for comedy with the two of them trying to go on dates. It also stabilizes a part of her life that has been at times overwhelming.

How do you think “Supergirl” will, or should, end this season? Share below.

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