‘Legends of Tomorrow’ episode 9 review: Chronos and convenience

LegendsThrough much of “Legends of Tomorrow” season 1, one of our biggest complaints has been that Chronos, one of our villains, is completely lifeless. As a matter of fact, we could’ve cared less if he lived or died.

Now that we know more of the truth about him, he’s at least a trifle more interesting. After all, he’s Mick Rory! This show certainly did a lot of work to flesh out Dominic Purcell’s character, and having him become this character after an extensive amount of time training in another time proved itself fairly effective. Not only that, but it gave us more scenes with him and Wentworth Miller. Snart lot a hand trying to stop Rory from killing many of his fellow team members at Nanda Parbat, but ultimately we saw him get the hand right back thanks to Rip’s technology. (We’re continually frustrated by Rip just happening to have all this information that he doesn’t tell anyone about in advance — it just feels like the show jerking us around since they have no real way to connect one installment to the next.)

Aside from story frustrations, there was a lot to enjoy about “Left Behind” from a nostalgia standpoint. While we did not care for a whole lot of “Arrow” season 3 by the end of it, we were rather stoked to see Nanda Parbat and Matt Nable back in this was. It was a crazy battle sequence set up by Chronos and the team going there to try to bring Sara back in the fold. You see, she felt like it was her only home after she, Kendra, and Ray were trapped in the 1950’s and the Waverider were not able to get directly back. The team was victorious, and there was a funny little comment from Sara about Nyssa al Ghul to Ra’s … a nice reminder of the relationship that they have in the present.

With Rory now captured and with the team now heading to the future, the Legends seem to have an advantage once more … and we’re glad that Vandal Savage is presumably appearing on the show once more soon. After all, he is the season’s big bad, but only tends to flutter in and out.

We’re not going to pretend that “Legends of Tomorrow” is firing on all cylinders, given that the episodes are disconnected and the whole Ray – Kendra relationship still needs work. Yet, we’re also not going to deny that we still watching it. It just has some work to do to match “Arrow” or “The Flash.” Grade: B-.

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