‘Supergirl’ episode 18 review: ‘Worlds Finest’ joyful, yet imperfect beyond The Flash

Supergirl -Do we want to really be the one to rain on the parade of the “Supergirl” – “The Flash” crossover that aired on CBS Monday night? Not exactly, since we understand for the most part why it has generated such positive reactions. It was hopeful, optimistic, and for the most part funny. Grant Gustin is excellent at almost everything he does as Barry Allen, and he and Kara Danvers together proved to be everything we hoped it would be and then some.

The primary issue with the crossover seemed to be that much of its currency was spent on getting the two characters together in hopes that would be enough. If you really stopped to think about it, there were pretty massive holes in logic throughout the hour from start to finish.

1. If all Barry needed to do was run super-fast to get back to his own world, which is something he already knew to begin with, why not do the race right away and be done with it?

2. Why in the world would someone not be watching Siobhan Smythe at the DEO, that way she would not learn a thing or two about Livewire and free her?

3. We know Barry’s not The Flash in this universe seemingly, but why in the world is the dude telling everyone who he is?

We’re being a little tough on the episode sure, but the reality for us seems to be that in an effort to just give us a “fun” story, the writers may have taken a few liberties here and there when it comes to having it all make complete sense. This was an easy way to throw two popular characters together, and when they were together, it totally worked. Barry with Cat Grant was hysterical; meanwhile, the battle with Livewire and Silver Banshee was entertaining in its own right. We’d love more Banshee backstory someday, which is why we’re pretty thrilled that Italia Ricci’s character was not technically killed off and she could technically return at some point in the future.

Was it a shame that Alex and Hank Henshaw missed out on this? Sure, but there was no way to fit everything in … though it was strange that Kara finally made a move on James Olsen without her around. In the show’s final eye-rolling coincidence tonight, the moment after they kiss is when Non activates Myriad and the residents of National City become lifeless zombies. That’s your cliffhanger, folks!

Here’s the question we wonder: Do we ignore the crossover’s nagging issues and focus on the great references and witty dialogue? We want to, but the reality still here is that it’s there. We feel like it’s best to call this a mixed bag and just leave it at that. Grade: B.

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