‘The 100’ season 3, episode 9 review: Lincoln’s sacrifice; who’s next?

Ricky -

With Kane being sentenced to death on the last episode of “The 100” we have been impatiently awaiting the next episode to see what’s going to happen. As we all know, this is a show that has no qualms about killing main characters, so there’s real reason to worry about him. Our hope is that Bellamy is going to find a way to stop this from happening now that he’s woken up a bit from his Pike-haze and knows that killing their own people while there’s a war going on doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Let’s start off this review with the good news: Somehow, Bellamy was victorious in making sure that the people from the Ark did not all completely bite the dust. In this world, it’s almost a surprise when people don’t die and with that Kane lives to see another day! Here’s the problem: Pike still vowed to the Arkadians that at least one of these people would die (he wants to make someone an example), and it was Lincoln who made the move to throw his head on the metaphorical pike.

Lincoln’s death is pretty devastating, and we imagine that it happening almost immediately after what happened with Lexa is even more brutal for viewers since he was a beloved character as well. Still, it’s a more acceptable way to go than “stray bullet” — he had his goodbye with Octavia, and he went out by his own volition and his own decision.

As for some other storylines from this episode, Ontari is (kind of?) the new Commander, but we wonder precisely how long this is going to last. Also, we’re worried now about Bryan, though technically we’re worried about everyone. Other than maybe Clarke, we live in a state of constant fear that someone on this show could go at almost any moment. This was a strong-but-devastating episode of “The 100” that contained all of the show’s present calling cards, most notably the feeling that nobody on this series is ever safe. Episode grade: B+.

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