‘The Good Wife’ season 7, episode 18 review: Is Alicia ready to divorce Peter?

Throughout the entirety of “The Good Wife” to date, one thing has been at the core of the series: Alicia Florrick’s complicated relationship with her husband Peter. Their marriage has not really been about love in some time, and the two have both benefited from it in some ways. It has helped her to acquire some more clients, while at the same time he has been able to keep his reputation solid despite some of his misdeeds.

Ultimately, it had to be a shock to his system when he first heard those words come out of his mouth: “I want a divorce.” It took many years to get to this point, and it’s here … and it may actually be motivated by love or at least something close to it. She does care about him, and also hated the idea of Peter coming home and seeing him there.

In more legal news, Alicia is now a name partner once more! Thanks to a vote (which included the support of David Lee), she managed to be a part of the partnership once more. Meanwhile, at the same time Cary Agos decided that he was done. He made it clear to Alicia that he was ready to quite so that he could stop “looking over his shoulder,” and given all of the paranoia in this world, we understand that. Eli was so concerned about potentially seeing his daughter testify against him that he, through Diane, offered himself up in a deal to Connor Fox.

This episode of “The Good Wife” was, as a whole, remarkable. There were big moves, and for the first time in a long time, we could see the end in sight. We didn’t even mind the somewhat-formulaic drone case that took us away from some of the action.

Let’s circle back to Alicia’s divorce here in closing. He offered up what she wanted in return for her sticking by him, at least publicly, through the trial. He doesn’t want it to seem like she’s leaving him because he’s guilty. As for her response, only time will tell. Grade: A-.

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