‘The 100’ season 3, episode 8 review: Kane faces execution, Raven wakes up from City of Light

the100s3trailer_kanebeardOn the last episode of “The 100” Lexa was killed by Titus as he tried to shoot Clarke and failed, the the most interesting thing about it all was when Titus pulled out the tech for the A.L.I.E. from the back of her neck to give to the next commander. Will A.L.I.E. and Jaha get their hands on it before a new commander is named?

The Ark: Pike is confronted by grounder messengers who tell him that they are surrounded and will be met with death if they cross the blockade. They say they want Pike to come with them, but Bellamy answers their request by shooting the messengers. So what is the plan? They can’t leave Arkadia to gather food and water and they only have enough supplies for two weeks, so they ration everything. Pike suggests spying on their own people to figure out who the moles are as well as another attack on the grounders, but what he doesn’t know is that his office is bugged and Kane has heard all of the plans.

Kane goes to Sinclair for help, but Monty sees him and reports back to Pike. Sinclair is arrested for treason and when he is questioned they ask him about the bug they found in Pike’s office, which he of course denies ever seeing before. When he finally gets put into lock up he’s able to deliver a message to Lincoln from Kane saying that they will execute their plan tonight. When Bellamy comes down to the cell to hear Sinclair’s confession, Lincoln starts a fight forcing them to open the door to the cell, and all of the prisoners attack. With all of Pike’s guards fleeing to the cell, Kane has an opportunity to immobilize Pike, throw him in a car and drive him to the grounders, but Bellamy figures out the plan and is able to stop Kane and save Pike – all for nothing. Kane is sentenced to death and Bellamy is overrun with grief at the thought of them killing their own people, so when they ask him if he can name anyone else working with Kane, he says no, even though he knows that Nate is.

Jaha: He’s still on the hunt for Polis and the original A.L.I.E. tech (that was inside of Lexa), and after Raven figures out that the Polis station likely fell in the ocean, Jaha wants a more precise location and feels that by gathering more minds into the City of Light that they can figure out exactly where it is. Raven reminds him that Abby took their tech chip maker, and suggests that Jasper is desperate enough to get it for them now that alcohol has dried up due to the rationing. Jasper takes the bait and he helps to get the chip maker, but when he brings up Finn’s death to Raven, and she doesn’t really remember him he starts towonder if this magic tech is such a good idea. Jasper pushes more and finds that not only can Raven not remember the bad stuff with Finn, she can’t remember the good stuff either. Raven starts to panic now that she realizes all of her memories are being taken and she puts the chip maker back and runs out of Pike’s office saying that they can’t let A.L.I.E. have it.

Are they really going to kill Kane? If this was a normal show we would say that there isn’t a chance of him dying at all, but this is “The 100” and they’ve shown us time and time again that anyone can die at any time. It is a bit of a wait until the next episode, but we can ‘t wait to see what happens and hope that Bellamy is leading the charge to stop Kane’s execution. Episode grade: B+

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