‘The 100’ season 3, episode 7 review: Clarke and Lexa say goodbye in shocking death

The 100With Raven becoming a believer in The City of Light on the last episode of “The 100”, she has allowed A.L.I.E. access to all 12 station mainframes of the Ark, but when she can’t find the first version of herself, Jaha reminds them that there is a 13th station called Polis that refused to join the rest of the stations on unity day. A.L.I.E. wants access to that station, but are they going to find it and even if they do is this really that great an idea?

A.L.I.E. – We got some background on A.L.I.E. tonight, going back 97 years where the first version of her locked everyone out of the mainframe on the Polis station and decided that there was too many people, so she destroyed the earth. All of the attempts by A.L.I.E.’s creator, (Becca) to stop her failed and she continued to bomb the earth. After the disaster on earth, Becca’s assistant tells the commander of Polis that the first version of A.L.I.E. was responsible for this and he decides to shut down Becca’s operations so that she cannot make a version two. After begging him not to destroy A.L.I.E, Becca locks them out of her lab, takes A.L.I.E. and escapes in a pod to earth right before Polis is blown up by the Ark for not joining with the other 12 stations. When Becca lands on earth, the radiation levels are critical, but she is able to survive, because she has planted the A.I. tech inside herself.

Lexa and Clarke: Octavia is brought before Lexa and is told that the people of the Ark attacked a grounder village and Octavia is a prisoner of war now. Clarke believes that given time her people will understand that what they are doing is wrong and will fix it, but Titus wants her to make an example of the 13th clan. Lexa decides to call the armies of the 12 clans to march on Arkadia, but not to attack, more so to contain the problem until they kick Pike out of office and have someone more reasonable in power at which point they will be welcomed back as the 13th clan. Anyone from the Ark that passes through the barrier will be killed. Lexa’s orders enrage her people and one tries to kill her, but Titus protects her.

Lexa asks Clarke to stay as her guest instead of going back to Arkadia, but Titus isn’t happy about that and reminds her that love is weakness. She reminds him of what happened to her last love and how she was able to separate her feelings from duty. After a harsh talk from Octavia, Clarke decides that she has to go back to her people. When she tells Lexa, she understands Clarke’s decision and they finally have a moment together since their first kiss to express their love for one another as they end up in bed together. The moment between Lexa and Clarke was fleeting, because once Clakre was ready to leave, Titus decided he was going to try to shoot Clarke in an attempt to help Lexa regain control, but instead he accidentally shoots Lexa and she dies. After she has passed on, Titus cuts the same piece of tech out of the back of Lexa’s neck that Becca had in hers, to pass on to the next commander.

It was good to finally get some background on who A.L.I.E. is and why all of this happened in the first place. This was an episode that was long overdue. We know that the actress who plays Lexa has another show she is committed to in “Fear the Walking Dead” and that we weren’t going to keep her forever, but did she have to die in such a heartbreaking way, right after she and Clarke expressed their love for one another? That’s one thing we love about this show, they aren’t afraid to take big risks even if it’s one that the fans won’t like. Episode grade: A-

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