‘Big Brother Canada 4’ review: Talking the fake double-eviction live!

Joel -Big Brother Canada” loves doing new things, or at least things that have not been done in the Great White North so far through four seasons. We’ve seen variations on the fake double-eviction in other countries; Heck, Tim Dormer is especially familiar with the concept.

We’re going to be going through all of this madness live, which should make for a rather fun experiment as to see whether or not this 90-minute special ends up being precisely what the doctor ordered. Check back throughout the night for more updates!

Before first eviction – We saw a little bit of campaigning here and there, with Cassandra doing what she could to try to push the brothers to flip over to voting out Raul. She and Tim were the biggest proponents of ditching him, but Mitch did a stellar job fighting for Raul. Ultimately, neither Kelsey nor Raul really did a great job fighting for their lives, and were fine almost with fate / other players controlling what was coming next.

First eviction – Ugh at Arisa reviving the “early checkout from the BBCAN Grand nonsense.” Kelsey of course went home, and the vote was almost unanimous with Jared and Cassandra being the only people to vote to keep her. The best part of this was Kelsey taking Maddy’s rubber duck with her out the door! Of course, maybe she regrets this now that she knows that a fake double-eviction could send her right back into the game.

Head of Household winner – Maddy won! The funniest thing about this to us, though, was that it basically exposed how great of a game Mitch is playing because nobody wanted to pick him to go up and compete.

Nominations – Maddy put up Raul and Jared, but told the two of them that she had a deeper plan to get Loveita out via the backdoor if she couldn’t play in the Veto.

Power of Veto – Nick won! Given his closeness to Maddy, it’s no surprise that he would do some of her bidding.

Second eviction – Loveita of course was evicted as a result of all of this, but based on the reaction from the crowd, she could have a very good chance to re-enter if Canada is deciding on the person who gets that opportunity.

Now, the twist: One of them will have a chance to make it back into the house after they spend a week in a secret suite watching / listening to the other houseguests. Arisa didn’t say if it Canada’s vote or not, but we shall see. Also, Kelsey doesn’t look thrilled to be there.

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