March Makeovers: What can ‘The Blacklist’ season 3 do to improve?

The Blacklist logo any seasonIt’s amazing just how much we have been of two minds about “The Blacklist” season 3. We loved the first half of it that was all about seeing Liz and Red on the run. Since that point, there have been some missteps, and the the recent hiatus did not begin on the best possible note.

Are there some ways for the show to turn things around? That is something that we’re going to profile in the latest chapter now of our March Makeovers series.

What went wrong? – The simple answer to that is that the show is struggling to really keep its core dynamic of Liz and Red working together thanks to everything that is going on with her now, and also her relationship with Tom. The show had a core that was all about the dysfunctional partnership between Megan Boone and James Spader’s characters, and we’re seeing it now drift a little bit from what made it so great.

How to fix it – At the moment, it’s going to be complicated to turn things around right away. The show has other storyline it has invested in, so the challenge here is that it has to navigate a potential Liz – Tom wedding, her becoming a mother, and everything in between to get her back to doing some of what she does best … and also giving Red the right sort of showcase that he needs. We need more from his team, more quirky characters, and also more drama that hints at the ultimate connection between our heroine and the powerful mastermind behind a criminal syndicate. We want Liz to have a live and a family, but at the right time, there has to be a little bit of balance.

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