‘Quantico’ episode 14 review: Are things getting too twisted?

Parrish -We know that ABC these days loves to market their shows around the twist. Look at what they’ve been doing over at #TGIT for quite some time now, or what they’ve at least done the past few months with “Quantico.”

Yet, there is a different between telling twisted television and telling stories that are earned, and we’re starting to think that the Priyanka Chopra story is struggling a little bit more with the latter. For example, why in the world is Alex game to suddenly go on some hunting trip outside with Simon given her present state, or why did Ryan and Nimah randomly turn up hours later? Also, why did Alex downplay how much she wants to work with Simon now? All of this gives more credence to our feeling that the show should just stick more to the flash-forwards, since they are to us a little more interesting than seeing Liam be told off or us seeing some of the new trainees that we care little to nothing about.

Even at Quantico, we do wonder why Nimah and Raina are keeping secrets from one another; sure, we understand the point of deep cover, but if you cannot trust your own twin, who can you? Probably the most intriguing story that came from this timeline was Caleb being followed by Will out to a meeting with Samar, which does make us question further what he is up to, and how all of this could be tied to the “Mark Raymond” persona that has been busted out at times.

There’s little questioning to us that “Quantico” has great moments, and the first ten minutes of Sunday’s episode may be some of the best work that Priyanka Chopra has ever done. Yet, at the same exact time we feel a little bit like the show is doing too many twists and relying on the shock value; if that continues; the shocks will no longer feel shocking. Grade: B-.

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