‘Black Sails’ season 3, episode 9 review: Vane’s sacrifice

Black SailsGoing into Saturday night’s new episode of “Black Sails,” it was clear that the stage was set for a pretty good showdown. We were expecting based on previews almost one gigantic fight scene after the next, but what we were ultimately left with in the end was something rather different … but something ultimately very entertaining nonetheless.

How do we describe it? It really can be as simple as this: We’ve lost one of our biggest characters. Specifically, it’s Vane. Through a good part of the hour, we were in denial that this could actually happen, and we were intent that he would in some way get himself out of it. Alas, this turned out to not be the case. This was a turning point for much of the series, and a real game-changer given what is coming with the English. As rough as it may be, pretty awesome last words, right?

The biggest person to blame perhaps for these actions was of course none other than Eleanor, since for her this was an act of revenge in the purest form. She made sure to orchestrate her moves before anyone could stop her, and can you really blame her / be surprised about that? We like to think the answer to that is no.

Yet, as rough as this death may be, see feel like the end of Vane will lead to the uprising that Nassau, Flint, Silver, and everyone else really needs for some of these pirates to continue to fight for what it is they believe in: Their way of life. Inevitably, you know that much of it going to come to a close, which is the sort of depressing note that you do always have to remember with a show like this. However, you want to see the fun of it all persevere for as long as possible, or at least we do as a viewer. If this was life, we’d probably say otherwise.

We’re going to miss Vane as a character; yet, if there was certainly a time to go, it is probably now in the midst of an awesome episode that really sets the stage for more great stuff to come. Grade: A-.

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