‘The Night Manager’ episode 5 preview: Roper searches for the leak

Can you believe that there are only two episodes left of “The Night Manager” this season? This is going to mark a chance for us to really see more of what the future holds for Jonathan Pine, and based on the sneak peek below, there are some serious problems awaiting him on Sunday night.

At the end of this past episode, Pine ignored the warnings and orders of Burr to turn away, feeling as though he still was going to have an opportunity to uncover everything that he wanted to from the operation that Richard Roper was conducting. Therefore, he opted to go even further undercover, putting himself at more risk than ever.

In the sneak peek below, however, Hugh Laurie’s character makes it more than clear that he is aware of a leak, and is going to do just about everything that he can to ensure that this person is thwarted. He asks Pine straight out if he is the responsible party, and when he says no he vows to go after whoever the link happens to be in the most violent, extreme way possible.

Ultimately, let’s just hope that Pine finds his way out of this without more suspicion coming at him; otherwise, he is looking at the possibility of having his story have a particular-dark ending … which in turn would probably upset fans of Tom Hiddleston until the end of time. One way or another, be prepared for this series to have an electric conclusion.

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