‘Shark Tank’ review: Wondercide, Beer Blizzard, The Good Promise, and Vengo

Shark Tank -Tonight, “Shark Tank” is giving you healthier beverages, ways to cool down a certain alcoholic one, a better way to care for your pets with flea or tick problems, and then also a … fancy vending machine? It’s interesting that of these four products, we really only see three of them appealing to the everyday viewer of the show. The latter is a little more of a corporate solution.

Regardless of who these products are intended for, we are here yet to get to offer all of our insight and then some! As always, be sure to check back throughout the episode, as we’re going to have more updates as the night goes on.

Beer Blizzard – Love these guys. They’re fun, and more than that they understand their brand. It’s really a simple product: It’s about getting these little frozen discs into the hands of millions of people. There are some problems here, though, starting with the notion that this is a product versus a company. The truth here is just how Mark Cuban put it: Sometimes, you don’t need to be a $10 million company if you’ve got a good idea, and these guys have it. That may just be enough in this instance. Deal with Mark.

Vengo Labs – Will this revolutionize the vending-machine industry? We were concerned going into this that they weren’t going to get a deal, mostly because they are so technically complex and complicated. We do think that the technology for these small, wall-mounted machines is cool, but this may be a little bit of a long-term strategy for Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner, who went in on what was mostly a debt deal after negotiating extensively over the equity portion.

The Good Promise – Will this bring something new to beverage category? Well, there’s apparently a problem here: The positioning of the product was strange, the taste-test was met with poor reviews, and the entire pitch was complicated. This happens to be one of the biggest misses that we’ve seen on the show, just because there was no connection here at all between the entrepreneur and the Shark.

Wondercide – It’s a way to ensure that your pets can be cared for a little more safely. We do think that they received a lot of pretty-decent offers given that they had a valuation on this that we really consider to be out-of-this-world crazy. We do think that a more natural solution to free and tick treatment will sell, though, and that is probably why Lori eventually struck a deal with them. The margins are great, and that will allow everyone to get paid again quickly.

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