‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 6 finale review: Who has a twin? Also, Aria / Ezra, Hanna / Caleb, more reveals


Going into the “Pretty Little Liars” finale on Tuesday night, it was pretty clear that things were going to get messy. As for just how messy, let’s just say that it did not take too long for us to get some sort of an answer on that.

The first thing that happened worth discussing here were a series of romantic moments that really served one purpose: Bringing us back to equilibrium, even if many of them also showed that these characters really don’t have much of an interest in being faithful to the people that they’re with. Aria and Ezra hooked up even though she was still with Liam, while Hanna cheated on Jordan with Caleb and in turn, Caleb cheated on Spencer. We know that the show wants to get some of the “OTP” people back together, but why does it have to come in such an immature way? These people are supposed to be adults now, and cheating hurts people. (Granted, so does also working undercover and pretending to be a dead Wilden to make Alison think she is going insane, but we’ll get to that later — or actually, let’s get to that now.)

Let’s turn to the whole Twin Twist that we’ve been waiting to get resolution for quite some time. As it turns out, this person is none other than … Jessica DiLaurentis! Specifically, her sister Mary Drake was behind the plot to get Alison admitted into the mental institution with the help of Dr. Rollins, who turned out to be a not-so-nice guy. This complicates things, doesn’t it? Well, she wants controlling interest in all of the money that Charlotte once had, hence the reason for the elaborate plot.

As for what’s happening now with some of the other characters, the whole plot to use Hanna as bait failed spectacularly, with her body now being dragged to the bell tower. Truth is, we still don’t know entirely who attacked her, or what exactly happened to Charlotte that night. This finale was great at shaking things up and making it clear that Alison was tricked into losing her mind, but it ultimately gave us more questions than answers. At least much of this was more entertaining than season 6B so far. Grade: B+.

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