‘Supergirl’ episode 16 review: An evil Kara forces J’onn J’onzz reveal

Supergirl -Throughout the majority of Monday night’s new episode of “Supergirl,” there was a prevailing fear of what in the world Kara Zor-El was going to do, and also precisely what she was capable of. After being exposed to Red Kryptonite in what was ultimately an accident (Maxwell Lord created it, but did so with the assumption that it would hit Non down the road), she became a destructive force in National City and someone out to hurt the people that she loved.

As a result of all this, we had chaos … and also the best performance of the season from Melissa Benoist. Given that we know her more for playing squeaky-clean characters, we imagine that she had a lot of fun in here being someone who was blunt, cocky, and willing to say what she wanted when she wanted to say it. She made a move almost immediately on James Olsen while trashing Lucy Lane, berated Alex, and questioned Hank Henshaw over using her to do his bidding when he was terrified to reveal his own alter ego.

Evil Kara was terrible for National City, but admittedly she was extremely fun to watch. Now that she is back to her old self after Alex was able to hit her with Maxwell’s antidote, she has to pick up the pieces. Cat Grant publicly denounced Supergirl after getting tossed off a building, she destroyed property for no reason, and above all else, there is a new monster she potentially created.

Think back here to Siobhan Smythe. During her evil phase Kara took advantage of an opportunity to expose her, and had her not only fired by Cat as a result, but also blacklisted from going back to Metropolis and getting a job there. These are the events that will lead to the beginnings of the Silver Banshee; while we think Smythe has a good heart in her, she may be right now consumed by rage.

As for the other big reveal, the DEO definitely now knows the truth about Hank being J’onn J’onzz. In an attempt to stop Evil Kara before she did any more damage, he showed his true face and battled her. Unfortunately, this may alter the organization in a significant way. Episode Grade: A-.

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