‘Better Call Saul’ season 2, episode 5 review: Who is Rebecca? Also, here is Hector

Better Call Saul season 2For the first fifty minutes or so on “Better Call Saul,” we’re not quite sure what the point of much of it was other than seeing Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler proceed forward to establish their most stable footing in terms of what happened with her job, and then also what happened to him in the aftermath of commercial-gate.

In the end, him offering up his job to help Kim was not exactly a noble offer. We all knew that he would do this one way or the other, since it’s not like he really cares about his job in the first place. He just wants to move the needle in some way, and messing with Howard and Chuck is one way to do that.

To us, the more fascinating news was the reveal in the past that Chuck had a wife in Rebecca, and it is her absence now that may be causing the relationship between Jimmy and his brother to be how it is. Maybe he feels a responsibility to help him out, even if he doesn’t have to. Jimmy never really had that partner, so he’s doesn’t fully understand; yet, he still has that part of him that wants to be a better person and not see his brother suffer.

The real winner of the night insofar as storytelling goes was seeing the great return of none other than Hector, who showed up in the closing seconds to offer Mike a “deal” in order to reduce Tuco’s sentence: He wanted to take the fall himself for a gun charge, and receive a hefty payment in the process. Mike’s mulling it over, but we cannot see him doing what someone else wants. It’s just not in his DNA. Still, an extra fifteen minutes of him would have helped this go from a mediocre episode to a pretty good one. Grade: B-.

Photo: AMC

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