‘Major Crimes’ season 4, episode 23 (finale) review: Who was the ‘Hindsight’ killer?

Major Crimes -

In the end, maybe the killer at the center of “Major Crimes” and the “Hindsight” arc was the one we should have seen coming a mile away. Yet, for whatever reason we never did.

By the end of the episode via a tense confrontation, we finally learned that the responsible party for so many of the murders was Stephanie Dunn, which turned out to be an extremely depressing reveal for Julio more than anyone else. He thought that the two had a common bond, only to realize instead that she was none other than a cold-blooded killer. It wasn’t Hickman or the Reverend after all, though the former may go down as one of the creepier / most unlikable people we’ve ever seen on the show still. We don’t really like the dynamic between him and Sykes, even though we concede that he was really necessary to the story.

This story was serious and intense, but the good news is that the writers really balanced this out with some other things that made us smile. Specifically, we’re talking here in terms of Provenza’s wedding, which allowed for a few welcome / happy moments. Sharon and Andy had a few moments as a couple, and even Rusty and Gus were together! It was a celebration, and sometimes we don’t get that on the show very often when it comes to dealing with some of the terrible things taking place. Ultimately, we consider this a nice shakeup from the mold.

In the end, we do think that this was a strong ending to a season, and a case that we feel was worth the time. We just wonder how in the world the show is going to follow all of this up. Grade: A-.

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