‘Shadowhunters’ renewed for season 2 by Freeform

In kicking off our coverage for Monday, we come bearing some renewal news: “Shadowhunters” will be back for another year.

The show confirmed the news during a live chat with fans, and it doesn’t exactly come as the biggest surprise in the world. The adaptation was in many ways the biggest thing that Freeform was banking on as a series with its launch, as they needed some sort of new flagship series in order to help better launch their re-branded network. While it has not matched the hit status of “Pretty Little Liars,” we think more viewers will discover it over time, and as a result of that it should make for an interesting few weeks and months ahead to see what happens next.

There’s no word just yet as to when the second season will air, but we wonder if the show will continue to premiere in January. It’s a little bit of a different pattern than the network onetime known as ABC Family has done in the past with some other shows. More often than not, we’ve seen shows premiere in the summer for them, which is when there tend to bar larger audiences thanks to people being out of school / college. While Freeform technically is a network for everyone, we do think that there’s a big chunk of their core audience in the 14-25 range.

For fans of “Shadowhunters,” what this really means more than anything else is that they can just settle in and enjoy the show without as many worries about his future. That reassurance can certainly be nice.

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