‘The Night Manager’ episode 4 review: Pine, Roper play a game of trust

Night Manager -

There are many things that we’ve seen “The Night Manager” do an excellent job of on the BBC, starting with just the visuals. Few shows have impressed with a tapestry this beautiful, and it draws a wonderful parallel between the money the network threw into the show and the opulence of a certain Richard Roper.

Now, let’s talk about some else of what the show does well: Christopher Pine being ordered to depart by Burr and her team over he was supposedly too close to being found out. He knew that he was navigating on a knife’s edge, and some of his relationships were starting to get to the point where that knife was about to slip into the abyss. However, at the same time there was no denying the information that he had. He figured out where the arms deal was happening in Istanbul, and felt like he was on the precipice of doing everything that he can to stop it.

Well, Pine is not the sort to let this go now that he is this far into the operation, and Roper is starting to seriously realize that he does have a mole in its midst. This was the sort of situation where he could have easily made a clean break to get away from all of this and spare his life; yet, he decided to double-down instead. He disobeyed orders, and we cannot imagine that will go over well. Yet, at the same time shouldn’t that make for even better TV?

This is ultimately how we feel right now: “The Night Manager” is going down the most intense road that we can. While we didn’t get enough from the female characters this week in general, we do enjoy this cat-and-mouse game very much. Plus, nobody plays complicated leading man quite like Tom Hiddleston. He’s got a chance now to crack the whole operation wide open, but he has very little help and also no safety net. Shouldn’t that be fun? Grade: B+.

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