TV Madness: Will ‘Outlander’ contend with a band of ‘Vikings’?

Madness -We like to think that there is a little bit of irony to the latest showdown in our TV Madness series. “Outlander” is a show that has time travel implemented as a heavy part of its core, and we feel like in theory, it is therefore possible that the show’s cast and characters could go back in time and battle Ragnar and the rest of the crew on “Vikings.” Given that this is probably not going to actually happen, we’ll just have to settle for it here.

In this second round of voting the polls are going to be open from today until March 15, when they will conclude and make way for the third round. There are only two more battles in this round after this one! Vote to your heart’s content.

“Vikings” (6) – Through most of the first round it was a fairly close back-and-forth between the History series and “NCIS,” but this show was one of the few true underdogs to emerge through the showdown to live to see another day. The show is in the midst of a fantastic run of episodes right now, and just like Ragnar has been forced to take on some serious challenges where he has been a decided underdog, the same can be said here.

“Outlander” (2) – At first, it appeared as though the romantic drama from Starz was going to face a serious challenge from “Longmire,” who battled hard and had some major contributions. Ultimately, “Outlander” still managed to pull away and win handily in the end. This show is known for its passionate fans, and we are currently still in the buildup period to its second-season premiere on April 9. We haven’t seen any of the new season yet, but if it is anything like the trailer that is out there, we’re going to be quite pleased.

The winner for this battle is going to move on and challenge either “The Blacklist” or “Game of Thrones.” The former show has gotten off to an extremely strong start, so we’ll just have to wait and see if that trajectory continues.

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