‘Shark Tank’ review: Innovation Pet, MobCraft Beer, Beloved Shirts, and Illumibowl

Sharks -Tonight, “Shark Tank” is going to have some products that really go all across the board. You’ve got craft beer, a toilet light, pet supplies, and a new fashion trend. These are probably as varied as you’re going to get, but the good news here is that these were all a lot of fun.

As always with these reviews, we’re going to update this article as time goes on.

MobCraft Beer – Can this really shake things up when it comes to the way in which people buy beer? We really like the concept in theory, since it is extremely innovative and it really emphasizes creativity more so than anything else. The problem with this company is that there are some limitations to it, and they are prioritizing customer experience more so than anything else. We feel like Kevin O’Leary was interested in the concept, but he couldn’t get past him wanting to keep all of his manufacturing in-house. No deal.

Beloved Shirts – Do these shirts work for you, or are they too strange for their own good? We really felt like this was the sort of line that could generate some good sales if they can work out their issues. The problem here is that we do not quite think that this is the sort of product that has anything proprietary about it, and is solely dependent on what the company comes up with. There’s just no real incentive for an investor to get on board. No deal.

Illumibowl – Do you need a light for your toilet? This product is completely silly, but at the same exact time we gotta say that we had a lot of fun watching the segment and we suppose in theory that for certain people out there, this could be useful. They really got the right partner for this in Kevin O’Leary, mostly because he’s got enough of a sense of humor to get the design, and will probably do some fun things with it moving forward.

Innovation Pet – Can this line of products really stand out in a very crowded space? We really liked the products going into the pitch, and after the pitch we still felt very high on the concept. What they really did an amazing job at here is making it clear all of the different skews that they have, and how all of them matter in their own way. Daymond John, who amazing keeps chickens and could use their coops, was on board after a brief debate.

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