‘American Idol 15’ review: La’Porsha Renae, Trent Harmon, Sonika Vaid rehash old songs

American Idol -We don’t mean the title for this “American Idol” article to be some sort of massive slam against the contestants; instead, it’s more of us thumbing our nose at the entire concept of the theme this week. Why in the world did the show think that rehashing songs performed a billion times over was a good idea? We already hated this about the show, and it feels to us either like someone was lazy and didn’t want to clear new music, or the show is really trying to put its own nail in the coffin.

In addition to solo performances, there will also be duets tonight … but we’re going to be focusing more on the former in this live review. Stay tuned for more updates!

Duets – They led off the show, and we’ll say that La’Porsha Renae and Trent Harmon were the most successful here by a mile. It really wasn’t close. Sonika Vaid and Avalon Young were both good, but the other two (MacKenzie Bourg & Dalton Rapattoni / Lee Jean & Tristan McIntosh) were complete messes.

La’Porsha Renae, “Come Together” – This was GREAT. Maybe the best rendition of the song that we’ve heard on the show, and it sets a really high bar for how everyone else could do. Unfortunately, we’re not too optimistic about their ability to match that.

MacKenzie Bourg, “You Are So Beautiful” – Hey, the first two performances of this theme aren’t terrible! Kudos to MacKenzie here for not mixing up the song too much, and sticking with something that was a little more simple and refined. He connected to a song that wasn’t his own for the first time in a wild.

Trent Harmon, “Stand By Me” – There were a lot of moments in the early part of this performance especially that we found rather pretty and sweet. Therefore, it’s a little bit of a shame that we then went in some sort of strange direction later with some of the runs.

Tristan McIntosh, “A Broken Wing” – It’s awkward. We feel like Tristan did understand the lyrics of the song and she really sang the notes well, but there was still something missing. It’s like there’s this disconnect between what she thinks and how she performs that we cannot figure out.

Dalton Rapattoni, “Eleanor Rigby” – No thanks on this performance. We couldn’t understand a good chunk of what Dalton was saying in here, and this song has never really translated to getting a lot of votes from people at home.

The bottom three

Avalon Young, “PYT” – This was not as great as the performance we saw from her last week, but we’d honestly have her above almost everyone on the show right now not named La’Porsha or Trent. A disappointing result, to say the least.

Lee Jean, “Let It Be” – This was a sweet potential send-off to Lee in the competition. We don’t think he has a sliver of a chance of surviving, but at least he had a nice curtain call, right?

Sonika Vaid, “I Have Nothing” – Hate this song. This may be our least-favorite song in the show’s history just because we’re so over it and we’ve never even listened to it once outside of the show. Still, she did a decent job with it.

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