‘Suits’ season 6 debate: How long should Mike Ross stay away from the firm?

Suits -We should start out this “Suits” article by saying to forgive us for the somewhat-clunky title. We realize that we’re in the age of spoiler-paranoia and DVRs, and we don’t want to be that person who ends up ruining a beloved show for anyone out there. With that, there are SPOILERS ahead from the season 5 finale.

We’re a good week removed from this episode now, and we have to say that by and large, our opinion has not changed. It’s still incredible. So few shows have the sort of guts to do something like lock up a main character behind bars, but Aaron Korsh, the writers, and the cast decided to go in this direction with the Mike Ross character. It’s bold. Is there a chance that this completely decimates the show we loved and it never is the same again? Sure, but these moves are what differentiates a good show from a great one. “Suits” wants to be great, and therefore they want to keep you guessing.

Now that we’ve said all of this, let’s turn more to the subject at hand: Whether or not it makes sense for Mike to start off season 6 behind bars, or to find a way to get him out.

The case for Mike in prison – It really adds consequences to the mix. Were Patrick J. Adams’ character to be set free in the premiere, for example, it would make the prison sentence almost into an afterthought. Keeping him there shows that there are no loopholes, and there are new storytelling possibilities to explore without him. Can Harvey, Jessica, and Louis rebuild the firm without him? Can Rachel keep her life and reputation in check? How often is Mike visited? All are interesting talking points in their own way.

The case for Mike getting out – It is still a very different show with Mike out of the slammer, given that the show still needs to tackle the subject of what he does with his life moving forward. He can’t go back to pretending to be a lawyer again, and he has to earn the respect of those he hurt. This would turn season 6 into a redemption tour. Also, a time jump come explain him being out … though we don’t get the sense this is happening right away.

In the end, we figure that we are probably going to see something in between, where Mike is in prison for a stint of episodes, only to eventually work his way into the outside world. It’s similar to the investment banker arc in that sense.

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