‘Agents of SHIELD’ season 3, episode 11 review: Power up?

Agents of SHIELD -

Is “Agents of SHIELD” in the middle of an identity crisis? We’re starting to wonder that, given that the show bit the apple by bringing in the Inhumans story, and now, it’s going to be incredibly hard to keep that genie inside the lamp.

What we mean by that is that despite having a fairly entertaining premiere for the second half of this season, we do wonder whether or not Coulson, Simmons, and Fitz are going to continue to be utilized in the same way they once were. They are powerless people in a world that is become more about people with powers. We would if Marvel is going to consider doing an Inhumans movie in the end still given that they basically have it here with the Secret Warriors. Daisy Johnson and Lincoln are developing more of a role, and tonight we met Slingshot for the first time. We did her power, especially since the show put in the necessary work to convince us that we were not just watching another rendition of “The Flash” where there are speedsters all over the place.

Do we sign off on all of the superpowers, including the raw meat-eating Ward as Hive? It’s still too early to say, but the unbalance in the premiere does have us a little uncertain. There were some nice moments in here, but we don’t want to see the show lose what we’ve come to love about the espionage, the intelligence, and seeing these true underdogs find a way to survive against all odds. Maybe we’re just feeling that way because we’re still craving that FitzSimmons fix, or we just want Coulson to be out in the field punching people in the face. He play still be feeling some trauma with what happened on Maveth, so we’ll give him a pass for now.

As for “SHIELD,” let’s just hope they figure out what show they want to be soon. Grade: B-.

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