TV Madness: ‘Empire’ season 2, ‘The 100’ season 3 square off

There is something that we really enjoy about the latest showdown in our TV Madness series, and it may just be that the two series that we have front and center for it really could not be any more different. You’ve got in one corner the most commercially-successful show on broadcast TV at the moment, where on the other side you’ve got a science fiction show with a devoted following, even if it is one feeling a little rattled right now thanks to what happened on this past episode.

If you’re new to the polls, you can vote to your heart’s content basically until March 10 at noon Pacific time. That is when we’re ending the voting for this round, but you can then come back starting on the next day, when round two will officially begin.

“Empire” (3) – Let’s begin profiling our contenders today by discussing a show that by most estimations really has taken over pop-culture. “Empire” is such a different sort of show than is on anywhere else, and its popularity stems from the fact that has some musical elements, but has that classic primetime-soap feel to it at the same time. It’s smartly-written, and Cookie Lyon may be one of the best characters going on TV right now. Moving forward this season (the show returns March 30) get ready to see Lucious do whatever he can to get control of Empire Entertainment back … and also a battle between him and Jamal for musical prominence after he feels his fame slipping.

“The 100” (6) – One of the boldest shows in the history of The CW. It tells a story that is inventive and mature, and may just be one of the most audacious shows out there when it comes to killing off characters. Fans are definitely feeling that right now, and whether or not the latest death takes away from its long-term popularity remains to be seen. Without giving anything away for those of you behind on an episode or two, let’s just say that the latest episode is really going to expand on what we’ve just seen, and show more of the emotional ramifications to all that has transpired.

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