‘The Good Wife’ season 7, episode 16 review: Alicia, Jason (somewhat) under a microscope

We wish that we knew the precise timeline of events on “The Good Wife” when it comes to when the writers knew for certain that season 7 was going to be the end of the series. After all, we wonder if this episode entitled “Targets” was created before that announcement, given that for the most part we’re not sure that much was accomplished. If that announcement was already decided on, then why in the world wasn’t more crammed in here?

It’s hard to really say what the top story of the hour was, though for us the most fun part of it was seeing Alicia trying to reconcile having this new relationship with Jason given that she and her husband Peter are probably under more scrutiny than ever before. Having her mom and brother basically walk in on her with Jason only makes it that much more awkward than it was before.

As for the other highlights of the hour:

The hearing – Connor Fox is trying to take down Peter Florrick, but for what exactly? If there was ever one thing that we wanted to know more about, this has to be it. We were just surprised on how vague this story really was all things considered, even if there were some parts of watching Alicia on the hunt that we enjoyed.

Will Alicia buy out Cary? – The rumors about the female firm persist, though it may be wrong to say that this is precisely what Diane is going for. Instead, she just wants to see Alicia rising up the ranks in Cary’s place, which is going to take some serious convincing.

While we’re not going bash this episode too much, given that a mediocre episode of “The Good Wife” is still better than a great episode of most things, our expectations are just that much higher now that we’re at this point in the run. Grade: C+.

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