‘Chicago PD’ season 3 exclusive: Marina Squerciati on Burgess, Ruzek, ‘Chicago Justice,’ and more

“Chicago PD” is returning to NBC on Wednesday night at 10:00 p.m. Eastern with an episode entitled “Kasuall with a K,” and over the course of that episode, you’re going to see a few different stories play out that include Kim Burgess taking on a case with a rather unusual subject matter at the center of it: Catfishing. Of course this is just one of many cases in a very busy season for the character, given that she’s also went through big changes in her relationship with Ruzek and also had discussions about the future of her career.

So leading up to the show’s return, we spoke recently with the woman behind the role in Marina Squerciati about this season, how far ahead she learns about events, and the idea of doing a whopping five-part crossover next year if “Chicago Justice” ends up being ordered to series.

CarterMatt – Has there been any episode this season that you got the script for it and you were immediately surprised?

Marina Squerciati – Yeah, actually it’s for this one coming up called ‘Kasuall with a K.’ They’ve teased a little bit about it on social media, and I got the script and I read it and I was like ‘what?’ (laughs). I was shocked, and it just kind of keeps going. I’m excited for everyone to see it.

I’ve seen the synopsis for the episode, and Burgess and Roman are going undercover to stop what seems to be a catfishing ring.

Yeah, it’s funny. I went to high school with a guy who started that show ‘Catfish,’ and it was a [little] nod to him.

So is this going to be something for Burgess and Roman that is a little more fun, or is this going along with some of the other dark, edgy stuff we’ve seen this season? Burgess has been through a lot.

It’s kind of funny. I wouldn’t say it’s really dark, because the A storyline is a little bit darker. I think it’s always a good choice to keep the B story a little lighter when we’re not involved with Intelligence.

I know there are a lot of people curious to see what’s going to be happening next in the Burgess / Ruzek relationship…

So am I, man!

For you, do you think that there is anything that Ruzek could do to start to win her back over?

There’s two sides to the story. He hasn’t really fought for her … I think it’s been almost easier to get over because he hasn’t made any overtures since she broke up with him. It’s harder when someone’s in your face, and yes he’s jealous, but I think a part of him knows that he is not able to make the changes, at least at this point in his life, that Burgess needs to commit.

Do you think that this jealousy over Roman is coming from some sort of insecurity on [Ruzek’s] part, or do you think that there is just some projection in his mind that something is going on with the two of them, even if nothing is?

I think people can project that there is something between Roman and Burgess, but I think when you’re putting your life on the line with someone every day, there’s a camaraderie that just grows. I think Burgess is a good person and she’d never cross the line when she was with Ruzek, so she never even thought about it. And I don’t think Roman thought about it, either.

As for whether or not that develops into something else now that she’s single I don’t know, but what I do know is that everyone’s projecting because they’re comfortable with each other. They’re two young, single people, and people put on that what they want.

Where do you think Burgess’ head is at when it comes to opting to not stay with Intelligence and continuing to work out on the street?

When Burgess made the decision to go back, she did so because she didn’t want to leave Roman. I think when a lot of people get a shot to [move up], a lot of them say ‘not without my partner.’ That’s essentially what she did. She’s not leaving her partner. She has a really good working relationship, and she enjoys that. I also think Burgess really likes people and interacting with them every day, whether it be the mundane or the extraordinary that you see on the street.

And I imagine for you, this does make it really fun when you do get to go and work with a range of people.

Absolutely. I mean I came from theater and I get to work with so many Chicago actors who are here and in theater, and I get to go see if I get out [of work] in time. (Laughs.)

So how much about [the story] of the ‘Chicago Justice’ spin-off have you been told at this point?

We know the backdoor pilot is going to be the 21st episode and it’ll be incorporated into that. I do know some stuff about the episode and it’s phenomenal, but I cannot say anything! I have nothing to give you other than saying that you have to watch it. It’s going to be the coolest, most heartbreaking, mind-blowing thing ever.

Do you have any sort of collaboration as to what’s coming up in specific storylines, or do the producers just tell you exactly what’s happening?

There’s some collaboration in that the writers are open and wonderful. Right before this interview [I was texting back and forth with a writer] about a line and how to play it. There is collaboration in that sort of stuff.

Do you have a sense as to where the end of the season is going, or where things could be heading this fall?

When you’re on a TV set, there’s always some rumor or innuendo. You hear one thing from your makeup artist, and then the producers tell you another, and then the third option comes to fruition. You just never know! I know the plotline for the last episode but nothing else. That could change, too, depending on what fans are responding to. Fans are always ask ‘what’s coming up,’ and I really don’t know. I usually only know one script ahead.

On a different note, are there any people you would like to work with a little more?

I really wanted to work with [Sophia Bush]. There’s a lot of girl power there, and our fans have really been hoping for that and they put it out there. So now there’s a couple of ‘Lingess’ episodes that are coming up that are really exciting.

I would love to go undercover again. That was a fun, wonderful thing. I had this idea where Ruzek could be tested while I’m undercover, but he can’t help me because I’m undercover. I had that idea, but now we’re broken up.

I was just thinking about this earlier if ‘Chicago Justice’ gets picked up: Five-part crossover. How crazy would that be?

It does blow my mind, and anything is possible. It could happen! It could be crazy!

Is there anything else you’re working on that you want to tell people about?

[Recently] I made a webseries that stars a bunch of actors from ‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘Chicago PD’ including Monica [Raymund] and Patty (a.k.a. Patrick John Flueger) and Christian Stolte and Amy [Morton]. It’s called ‘Special Skills,’ so I’m working on editing that and getting that up over the next month. It was nice to do something extracurricular but still do something with my Chicago peeps!

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