TV Madness: Can ‘NCIS’ defeat the onslaught that is History’s ‘Vikings’?

We’re back for our third day of our ongoing TV Madness show tournament, and today the shows that we’re putting the focus on come from very different backgrounds. You’ve got one here in “NCIS” that is enormously popular with a group of fans and has been for over a decade, and then you’ve got a show in “Vikings” that is, at least compared to it, a little more of a newcomer. It’s got a consistent narrative that continues from week to week firmly rooted in history; meanwhile, “NCIS” is much more procedural, and only occasionally gives you a story that matters longer than a couple of episodes.

So which show will emerge on top? That’s something we’re going to analyze further in this article, but it will ultimately be up to your vote to determine who moves on to the second round. As the photo above indicates, voting will continue here until March 10 at 12:00 p.m. Pacific time.

“NCIS” – It’s a show that inspires a great deal of passion, whether it be from viewers who love the storylines or are upset with some of the decisions that we’ve seen made over time.  We feel like the reasons for its sustainability start with excellent cases-of-the-week, and then continue on to its quirky cast of characters and themes that are in so many ways quintessential to America. The show’s about taking care of military, whether it be solving murder cases or simply finding a way to take care of men and women in uniform.

As for what’s coming up this season, the 300th episode lies ahead in the horizon, and Taye Diggs will guest-star in it as a veteran who looks to music as a form of therapy. Beyond that, it shouldn’t be long before the show sets up a narrative leading to Michael Weatherly’s departure from the show.

“Vikings” – Now, we turn to the History epic, which has established itself as compelling for so many different reasons. Let’s begin with the fact that it may be one of the most-intense series that is out there, and then proceed into the epic performances from Travis Fimmel and the cast coupled with tremendous action set pieces.

While last season featured the Raid on Paris and a variety of other key events, things are only going to escalate moving forward this year. There will be more betrayal, and we have a feeling that there will be some tears shed along the way. These are not characters who routinely put themselves in a position to be safe.

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