‘Teen Wolf’ season 5, episode 19 review: The belly of the Beast

Tonight’s new episode of “Teen Wolf” was really an exercise in survival, and it really does not matter who you are talking about. The Dread Doctors were inching ever closer to their completion of their plan, which was for them seemingly unleashing the full power of the Beast of Gevaudan across Beacon Hills. With Scott and Stiles in grave danger, and with even some of Theo’s pack on the ropes, the group was in need of a lifeline. Things went from bad to worse when the Beast was no longer some ghostly apparition anymore.

Did they get that from Kira? Well, her summoning near the end of the episode seemed to bring at least some semblance of hope … though, as noted, it could come with a clear price. Another lifeline may have come courtesy of Parrish and company, who decided to take the fight right to the Beast. That had some varying success, mostly because he is still out there … but at least Team Parrish / Argent knows a thing or two about who he is and the history. That could prove to be useful.

Elsewhere in this episode, we have a chance to see some violent showdowns, some interesting character development for the supporting cast, and of course plenty of questions as to whether or not Mason is going to be able to make it out of here in one piece. What’s remarkable at the moment, though, is how straightforward most of this episode was compared to some of the others we’ve seen over time. This episode seems to be largely about people coming together more so than splintering apart, and it makes much of the road to this point worth it … with emphasis on the words “much of the road.” We still don’t think we needed to jump around in time as much.

By and large, though, we would describe this episode as entertaining, and a great foundation for the finale. Episode Grade: B+.

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