‘The Fosters’ season 3, episode 16 review: Callie helps Chloe in tough episode

Fosters -We all know that “The Fosters” is a gutsy show, and one that is unafraid of taking big storytelling leaps and risks. One of the reasons why it continues to draw the ratings that it does is because it is by and large so socially-conscious.

Monday night’s installment “EQ” was powerful, even though we have seen the show explore the subject of teen suicide before. This time around, it was Rita’s daughter Chloe in the spotlight, and Callie had to reach out to try to help her after Rosie O’Donnell’s character was willing to ignore some of the warning signs. After all, she had seen so many similar symptoms before with Chloe, and understandably was concerned that this was just another lengthy cry for attention. It just wasn’t this time.

The one bit of good news is that it appears as though there will be some time and ways for Chloe to recover, and Callie is going to do everything that she can to aid that process.

Maybe the one problem with this story was pairing it with Brandon learning that he’s going to need an outside venue for his Romeo & Juliet production because of some of its content. This felt a little too much like the show was going for a theme as opposed to what feels natural. We agree with Brandon when it comes to his plea to keep the play relevant to the school community, not that we had a vote or anything.

A little more successful in this episode was seeing Stef wrestle with her emotions in the wake of her medical crisis, lashing out at Jesus, a kid who was clearly still dealing with some problems of his own when it comes to Gabriel. It showed yet again that she is a woman trying her best, but not necessarily someone who makes the right decisions all the time. On the other side of the mirror is a well-meaning woman, but a flawed one, we appreciate that.

“The Fosters” had so much going on in this episode that the status of Callie and AJ was almost an afterthought, but we don’t want to completely ignore it here. After all, we feel like it will be a valuable part of the story for some time to come. Episode Grade: B.

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