‘The Walking Dead’ season 6, episode 12 review: Are Carol, Maggie in danger?

twdOn the last episode of “The Walking Dead” Rick, Michonne, Daryl and the group have decided to attack Negan in exchange for the Hilltop people giving them half of their supplies. Are they going to be successful and are we actually going to meet Negan tonight?

Well, the answer to the latter question is “no,” but we did have certainly an action-packed installment tonight that featured a variety of very important things, with one of the most important ones being that we saw Rick Grimes and the rest of his crew attempting to bring the battle right to the Saviors. There was less waiting around and a whole lot more action, which for the most part is an exciting premise to wrap an episode around.

Also, we had Father Gabriel … listening to confession from Tara? Well, let’s try not to focus that much on this particular story other than saying that Gabriel showed a little bit of guts near the end of the episode and did what needed to be done.

Let’s get back now to Rick shooting a lot of people, mostly because it was awesome, but also somewhat weird. We’re not used to seeing the group in shootouts with this many humans, and it required a different skill set than we’re used to. Sure, it gets more and more unrealistic that a guy like Rick would find a way to survive every little thing and then some that is thrown at him, but we do have to be honest here and remember that the series was never really one to bill itself as being true-to-life in the first place.

Despite taking out so many Saviors, the reality is that this wasn’t exactly a victory for Rick in his effort to help the Hilltop / Alexandria. Instead, Negan’s people still managed to capture two people who he really cares about: Maggie, who has certainly been important for trade purposes, and Carol, who was getting a little romantic with Tobin earlier in the episode. (That at least better than things did with Rosita and Abraham.) As great of a cliffhanger as this was, we wish that there was more content like this earlier in the episode beyond just some of what we’ve mentioned and Glenn finally having to take human life. This was one of the weaker ones so far in the second half of this season. Episode grade: B.

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