Spin-Off Goals: Could ‘Supernatural,’ season 11 or later, spawn another show?

For many years, we wondered whether or not “Supernatural” was ever going to be given a spin-off, only to then have the backdoor pilot for “Bloodlines” arrive. On paper, this was a smart idea to craft something that could be the big-city alternative to the Jensen Ackles – Jared Padalecki series that had a little bit of a Romeo & Juliet angle to it with warring supernatural families.

What was the problem? To us, it was simply that it was too much like “The Originals” and not really similar enough to the flagship. It needed more humor and snark. Part of what makes “Supernatural” itself so fun is that you have two guys saving the world in Sam and Dean Winchester who are everymen who find the way to do extraordinary things. They look like the sort of guys you could hang out with for a drink after a busy night. “Bloodlines” never captured that feel.

So is there a way to turn things around and give us another spin-off pilot, whether it is in this season or otherwise? Often in these Spin-Off Goals articles we choose to single out a specific character for it, but who do you really choose here? We’ve spoken in the past about maybe doing something Castiel-related, but at the moment we don’t think it works to separate him from the flagship show.

What about the recurring characters like a Jody Mills or a Claire? We think they’re probably spending too much time in one place. We were all about the idea of a Charlie show, but then the producers went ahead and killed off Felicia Day’s character. Now, we’re left with one of two possibilities.

1. Create another batch of characters for a new show. Preferably we’d like to see a female lead, mostly because that is an energy that the flagship show often lacks.

2. Do something completely out-there, like a potential show featuring someone like Bobby exploring more of the afterlife.

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